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With the release of Megadeth's thirteenth studio album called "Th1rt3en" the band also updated the album art, their webpage, the CD art icons that correlated to their previous album. These icons appear to be art pieces taken from the other albums, i.e. the "baby hung out to dry" is taken the cover of the Youthanasia album, the "Plan B" suitcase is held by a government official on the cover of The System Has Failed.

Th1rt3en Icon - Killing is My Business Killing is My Business Peace Sells ... But Who's Buying? Th1rt3en Icon - Peace Sells, But Who's Buying
Th1rt3en Icon - So Far, So Good, So What So Far, So Good, So What Rust In Peace Th1rt3en Icon - Rust in Peace
Th1rt3en Icon - Countdown to Extinction Countdown to Extinction Youthanasia Th1rt3en Icon - Youthanasia
Th1rt3en Icon - Cryptic Writings Cryptic Writings Risk Th1rt3en Icon - Risk
Th1rt3en Icon - The World Needs a Hero The World Needs A Hero The System Has Failed Th1rt3en Icon - The System Has Failed
Th1rt3en Icon - United Abominations United Abominations Endgame Th1rt3en Icon - Endgame
Th1rt3en Icon - Th1rt3en Th1rt3en    


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